Le Cloitre Gourmand ☆☆

 (Photo )

A moderate bistro by the cathedral

This bistro by the cathedral serves excellent fancy French fare at reasonable prices courtesy of young chef/owner Yannick Tabart.

The period 17C wood-panelled room is lovely, with views of the Gothic carvings on a cathedral portal right outside the winow. 

The dishes change constantly depending on what is in season and fresh at the market, with a choice of two entrees, two main courses, and a handful of desserts.

An entree and main dish or main dish and desewrt cost €27. All three courses costs €34.

I just wish it had longer hours.

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  • , Le Cloitre Gourmand, Chartres (Photo )
  • , Le Cloitre Gourmand, Chartres (Photo )
  • , Le Cloitre Gourmand, Chartres (Photo )
  • , Le Cloitre Gourmand, Chartres (Photo )
  • , Le Cloitre Gourmand, Chartres (Photo )


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Useful French phrases

Useful French for dining

English (anglais) French (français) Pro-nun-cee-YAY-shun
Where is? Où est?     ou eh
...a restaurant un restaurant uhn ray-stah-RAHN
...a casual restaurant un bistro
une brasserie
uhn bee-STRO
ooun bra-sair-RHEE
a table for two un table pour deux uhn TAH-bluh peur dou
I would like Je voudrais... zhuh vou-DRAY
...some (of) un peu (de) uhn puh (duh)
...this ce suh
...that ça sah
and et ay
chicken poulet poo-LAY
beef bouef buff
veal veau voh
fish poisson pwa-SOH
pork porc pork
meat la viande lah vee-YOHN-duh
platter of cured meats la charcuterie lah shar-coo-tair-EE
I am vegetarian je suis végétarien zhuh swee veh-je-ta-ree-YEN
rare bleu
medium rare à point ah PWAHn
well done bien cuit bee-YEN kwee
dessert dessert day-SAIR
and et ay
...a glass of un verre de uhn vair duh
...a bottle of une bouteille de oun boo-TAY-yuh de
...a half-liter of un demi de uhn de-MEE de
...fizzy water eau gazeuse oh gah-ZUHZ
...still water eau non gazeuse oh no gah-ZUHZ
...red wine vin rouge vah roozhuh
...white wine vin blanc vah blahn
...beer bière bee-YAIR
...cider cidre SEE-drah
Check, please La conte, s'il vous plaît
L’addition, s'il vous plaît
lah KOHNT seel-vou-PLAY
la-dih-see-YON seel-vou-PLAY
Service (tip) is included service compris sair-VEES cohm-PREE

Basic phrases in French

English (anglais) French (français) pro-nun-see-YAY-shun
thank you merci mair-SEE
please s'il vous plaît seel-vou-PLAY
yes oui wee
no non no
Do you speak English? Parlez-vous anglais? par-lay-VOU on-GLAY
I don't understand Je ne comprende pas zhuh nuh COHM-prohnd pah
I'm sorry Je suis desolée zhuh swee day-zoh-LAY
How much does it cost? Combien coute? coam-bee-YEHN koot
That's too much C'est trop say troh
Good day Bonjour bohn-SZOURH
Good evening Bon soir bohn SWAH
Good night Bon nuit  bohn NWEE
Goodbye Au revoir oh-ruh-VWAH
Excuse me (to get attention) Excusez-moi eh-skooze-ay-MWA
Excuse me (to get past someone) Pardon pah-rRDOHN
Where is? Où est? ou eh
...the bathroom la toilette lah twah-LET
...train station la gare lah gahr

Days, months, and other calendar items in French

English (anglais) French (français) Pro-nun-cee-YAY-shun
When is it open? Quand est-il ouvert? coan eh-TEEL oo-VAIR
When does it close? Quand est l'heure de fermeture?   coan eh lure duh fair-mah-TOUR
At what time... à quelle heure... ah kell uhre
Yesterday hier ee-AIR
Today aujoud'hui ow-zhuhr-DWEE
Tomorrow demain duh-MEHN
Day after tomorrow après demain ah-PRAY duh-MEHN
a day un jour ooun zhuhr
Monday Lundí luhn-DEE
Tuesday Maredí mar-DEE
Wednesday Mercredi mair-cray-DEE
Thursday Jeudi zhuh-DEE
Friday Vendredi vawn-druh-DEE
Saturday Samedi saam-DEE
Sunday Dimanche DEE-maansh
a month un mois ooun mwa
January janvier zhan-vee-YAIR
February février feh-vree-YAIR
March mars mahr
April avril ah-VREEL
May mai may
June juin zhuh-WAH
July juillet zhuh-LYAY
August août ah-WOOT
September septembre sep-TUHM-bruh
October octobre ok-TOE-bruh
November novembre noh-VAUM-bruh
December décembre day-SAHM-bruh

Numbers in French

English (anglais) French (français) Pro-nun-cee-YAY-shun
1 un ehn
2 deux douh
3 trois twa
4 quatre KAH-truh
5 cinq sank
6 six sees
7 sept sehp
8 huit hwhee
9 neuf nuhf
10 dix dees
11 onze ownz
12 douze dooz
13 treize trehz
14 quatorze kah-TOHRZ
15 quinze cans
16 seize sez
17 dix-sept dee-SEP
18 dix-huit dee-SWEE
19 dix-neuf dee-SNEUHF
20 vingt vahn
21* vingt et un * vahnt eh UHN
22* vingt deux * vahn douh
23* vingt trois * vahn twa
30 trente truhnt
40 quarante kah-RAHNT
50 cinquante sahn-KAHNT
60 soixante swaa-SAHNT
70 soixante-dix swa-sahnt-DEES
80 quatre-vents  kat-tra-VAHN
90 quatre-vents-dix  kat-tra-vanht-DEES
100 cent sant
1,000 mille meel
5,000 cinq mille sank meel
10,000 dix mille dees meel

* You can form any number between 20 and 99 just like the examples for 21, 22, and 23. For x2–x9, just say the tens-place number (trente for 30, quarante for 40, etc.), then the ones-place number (35 is trente cinq; 66 is soixsante six). The only excpetion is for 21, 31, 41, etc. For x1, say the tens-place number followed by "...et un" (trente et un, quarante et un, etc.).

‡ Yes, the French count very strangely once they get past 69. Rather than some version of "seventy,' they instead say "sixy-ten" (followed by "sixty-eleven," "sixty-twelve,' etc. up to "sixty-nineteen.") And then, just to keep things interesting, they chenge it up again and, for 80, say 'four twenties"—which always make me thinks of blackbirds baked in a pie for some reason. Ninety becomes "four-twenties-ten" and so on up to "four-nineties-ninteen" for 99, which is quite a mouthful: quartre-vingts-dix-neuf.