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Lodgings in General

A classic train couchette sleeping six (Photo by DB Autozug GmbH)

Sleeping in couchettes on overnight trains


Planning a trip to General

An Air France jet (Photo by Darkellysio)

Finding the cheapest airfare, air travel comfort, no-frills airlines, baggage restrictions, and more

Transportation options to and within France (Photo icons courtesy of AIGA; illustration by Reid Bramblett)

Getting to France and getting around France: trains, planes, rental cars, low-cost airlines and long-distance coaches

The Queen Mary 2 (Photo by Trondheim Havn)

Taking the slow boat to Europe: Crossing the Atlantic by cruise boat from $650

 (Photo Public Domain)

The most important things to know before booking a rental car

An aggregator/consolidator like Auto Europe can let you compare car rental rates side by side (Photo courtesy of

How to find the lowest rates on a rental car in France

The national speed limits in France are 50kph in towns and cities, 90kph (soon going to 80) outside of cities, and 130kph on autoroutes (major national highways) (Photo Public Domain)

Obey the speed limits of pay the (high) price

 (Photo by Andrew)

A cheat-sheet of the most important things to know when riding the French rails

 (Photo courtesy of WikiHow)

How to get the best deal on plane tickets to France

I think we've all been this sleepy guy at some point in an airport (Photo by fergusfleming)

Tips on having the most comfortable air travel experience possible, from getting to and from the airport to picking the right seat on the plane

A good aggregator, like, goes right to the best deals, even if they're from a non-traditional source like Norwegian or Wow (Photo courtesy of

Aggregators search all the booking engines, airline sites, travel agencies, and airfare discounters in the blink of an eye

View of Lac du Bourget and Mont du Chat from part way up Grand Colombier (Photo by will cyclist)

Guided, escorted, specialty, and packaged tours to France

A package offering roundtrip airfare from NYC and 6 nights' lodging in a Paris hotel for $749 (Photo courtesy of

Not a tour, but a bundle of airfare, lodging, maybe a car all at wholesale rates

Trust me. You do not want to have to deal with the traffic in Paris. (Photo Public Domain)

Hints, tips, resources, and pointers for getting your own set of wheels in France

 (Photo Public Domain)

Hints, tips, and advice for renting a car in France

 (Photo Public Domain)

There are hundreds of road signs blocking your view on French roads and—more importantly—telling you how to get where you're going

The rail system in France (Photo courtesy of SCNF)

France's main train lines

A good aggregator, like, goes right to the best deals, even if they're from a non-traditional source like Norwegian or Wow (Photo courtesy of

How to get the best airfare every time

The author wearing his sleeping-on-the-plane gear (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

Two dozen simple ways to increase your chances of catching some shut-eye on those long overnight flights

A cost matrix for flying from New York to Paris in mid-February that shows the big benefits of flight flexibility (Photo courtesy of Google Flights)

Some flexibility on your travel dates can save you up to 50%

 (Photo courtesy of

Why pay retail when wholesale airfares to France are available?

Rail travel (Photo by Don Burgess)

Rail travel in France

You can book a shore excursion via a third party for much less than the ship charges (Photo courtesy of

Book your own cruise excursions for up to 40% less than the cruise ships charge

Keep right, except to pass (Photo by Unknown)

French road rules are similar enough to North American ones that you'll get by fine; here are the important differences

 (Photo )

How to decide if a rental car is the best choice for your France vacation

A train ticketing machine in France (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

How to get the cheapest fares on French trains

 (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

Timing is the key to saving a bundle on airfare to France from North America

Air travel is tiring (Photo by Neil Rickards)

Truth is, there is no cure for jet lag—but there are 7 ways to make jet lag easier to bear and quicker to dissipate

 (Photo )

Buy at the right time - The sweet spot is 6–12 weeks out

 (Photo logos courtesy of Priceline and Hotwire)

How opaque fares work—"Express Deals" on Priceline and "Hot Rates" on Hotwire

Global time zones (the red lines divide them) (Photo from CIA World Factbook)

Time zones in France and dealing with the 24-hour clock

 (Photo courtesy of

Renting a car and driving in France

 (Photo )

If it's one of the seven deadly sins—gluttony (booze; food), greed (gambling), sloth (spas), extravagance (shore excursions)—it's how a cruise lines makes all its profit

Trust me. You do not want to have to deal with the traffic in Paris. (Photo Public Domain)

A rental car is not always the best choice for a France vacation

Keep right, except to pass (Photo by Unknown)

Stay in the slow lane (the rightmost one) on a European highway unless you are actively passing another car

Explore all of France-or all of Europe—with a rail pass (Photo by Akwa)

Unlimited train travel in France, or France and some neighboring countries, or even all of Europe—Is a Eurail pass worth it?

 (Photo Public Domain)

How to leverage your frequent flier status for perks on other airlines

EasyJet, one of the oldest and best low-cost carriers in Europe (Photo by Rob Mitchell)

Fly across Europe for as little as $25—welcome to the wonderful age of no-frills airlines, the little jet engines that could

A Ouibus (budget long-distance coach) in Paris (Photo by Florian Fèvre)

Long-distance bus travel in France

 (Photo by Michael Hansen)

Are cruises safe? Can I cancel a cruise? Can I get cruise cancellation insurance?

 (Photo courtesy of

How to get the most out of renting a car in France with the lowest cost and least hassle

Michelin makes the best France road maps (Photo courtesy of the publisher)

A good road map can save you time and help you discover places and things not in your guidebook

Thaly's is a high-speed line linking Paris to Belgium, Amsterdam, and Germany (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

High-speed trains in France—TGV, ICE, Thello, Renfe-SCNF, TGV Lyria, and the Eurostar connecting Paris to London

Pack your own, inexpensive snacks for the plane (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

Airport tips, jet lag, and 24 tips for sleeping on board the flight

Fare alerts courtesy of Airfarewatchdog (Photo courtesy of Airfarewatchdog)

From fare alerts to e-savers, deals newsletters to price predictors

 (Photo )

Cruises to or from France

 (Photo by Geoff Collins)

Get your airfare to France and rental car together and save on both

Every country in green is on metric; the yellow and orange ones are in the process of converting (yellow is closer to the goal). Only the U.S., Myanmar, Libera, and North Korea have not gotten with the program. (Photo by Thespaceface)

Get ready to do some math in your head

 (Photo courtesy of

Young adults, families, seniors, and couples can get 25%–50% off all trains with a French railcard

If it fits in the overhead bin, they will let you take it on the plane (Photo by Peter Davis)

If your bag measures more than 45" total (L+W+D), it is probably too big for the overhead bin

 (Photo courtesy of Europe by Car)

How to arrange for a short-term lease on a brand-new car in France—cheaper than a rental for longer periods, and far better insured

Gas in Europe is expensive (Photo by Images Money)

Prepare for REALLY expensive gas—like $7 per gallon

Gare de Lyon in Paris (Photo by Noj Han)

Like the trains themselves, French train stations tend to be clean and user-friendly—with tourist info, hotel booking service, left luggage lockers or offices, and decent snack bars (in case you forget to pick up train picnic supplies in town)

Fly into London cheaply, and then elsewhere on a low-cost carrier (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

London is the cheap airfares turnstile of Europe, so fly cheaply into here and then elsewhere in Europe or North Africa on a no-frills airline for far less

The author, at 12, with his Uncle Marc (19) and the author's trusty hippie-orange VW family campervan somewhere in the Alps (Photo © Frank Bramblett)

Camping is a great way to see France, but you needn't be tied down to tent pegs; RV rentals are as easy in Europe as they are here at home

 (Photo by Unknown)

You do not technically need a IDP for France, but consider getting one

Beware of pickpockets (Photo by Cory Doctorow)

Sleeping on an overnight train is a relatively safe endeavor, but take a few sensible precautions to avoid pickpockets and thieves and sleep more soundly

 (Photo Public Domain)

Major airports in France

 (Photo by Unknown)

Don't leave anything visible in the car


Roundups of deals and sales from many sources

Fare alerts courtesy of Airfarewatchdog (Photo courtesy of Airfarewatchdog)

Get automated updates on low fares and dropping plane ticket prices


Topics in General

 (Photo clockwise from top left: "Spring" courtesy of French Moments; "Summer" courtesy of Armand69; "Winter" courtesy of Dreamstime; "Autumn" courtesy of TheWorldExplored)

When it is high, low, and shoulder season in France?

Most of us have stared at a handy miles-to-kilometers converter right under our noses on our car dashboards (Photo by Unknown)

Miles and kilometers, feet and meters, and so on


Planning for a trip to France

The exterior of Paris-Est (Photo by Doods Dumaguing)

How to get to Paris, France, by train and airplane

Charles de Gaulle Airport (Photo by Martin Abegglen)
Charles de Gaulle Airport
Paris: Paris outskirts

Paris's main airport (CDG), about 25km NE of the city, is where most Transatlantic (and many other) flights land

 (Photo by Chris Sampson)
Gare du Nord
Paris: Montemarte

Paris's Gare du Nord serves trains coming from the north and northeast: London, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Northern Germany

The Varenne Métro station in Paris (Photo by Amélie Dupont)

The Métro is Paris's subway system

Orly airport (Photo by David.Monniaux)
Paris Orly Airport
Paris: Paris outskirts

Paris's secondary airport (ORY), about 13km south of the city, is used by many domestic, some European, and Transavia flights

A Ryanair jet at Beauvais Airport (Photo by ERIC SALARD)
Paris-Beauvais Airport
Paris: Paris outskirts

A popular Paris-region airport (BVA) for no-frills airlines and low-cost carriers, about 85km (53 miles) NNW of the city

Strolling across the Pont des Arts (Photo by Neil Turner)

From the Metro (subway) and the bus to taxis, shared bikes, and other transportation options in Paris

The bus route connecting Paris's two main airports (Photo courtesy of Le Bus Direct)

If you have to transfer from one Paris airport to another, here are your best options

 (Photo by Chris Sampson)

Trains to Paris

The arrondissements of Paris (Photo by Hmaglione10)

The major arrondissements (neighborhoods), streets, squares, and landmarks of Paris

A Paris city bus (Photo by PR180.2)

How to use the bus and tram system in Paris

 (Photo by clogsilk)

Tickets and passes for riding the Paris Métro, RER, and bus public transit system

Strolling across the Pont des Arts (Photo by Neil Turner)

Walking around the City of Light

 (Photo by Bob White)

The taxi cabs of Paris—plus car services, private transfers, and chauffeur services

 (Photo by Jean-François Gornet)

How to rent a bicycle in Paris

The Traffic Light Tree is a a 1998 sculpture by Pierre Vivant, not a real traffic signal, but still indicative of how confusing it can be to drive in Paris. (Photo by Jeff Summers)

Do NOT, under any circumstances, rent a car to get around Paris. If you are renting one to leave the city, however, read on for tips.

A Batobus passing Notre Dame (Photo by dmytrok)

Ferries, water taxis, and Seine cruises in Paris

 (Photo by BriYYZ)

Flying into Paris

Streetwise Paris is one of the best pocket-sized maps you can get (Photo © Streetwise)

Maps to the great city of Paris

 (Photo by Noj Han)
Gare de Lyon
Paris: Bastille

Paris's Gare de Lyon serves the south (Italy, Spain, and parts of Switzerland)

The exterior of Paris-Est (Photo by Doods Dumaguing)
Gare de l'Est
Paris: Montemarte

Paris's Gare de l'Est handles trains from the south east and the south: Switzerland, southern Germany, and Austria.

The Eurostar train (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

The Chunnel train between Paris and London


Experiences in France

Tours to Chartres from Paris start from €70


Planning for a trip to France

How to get to Chartres, France, by car, train, and tour


Trains to Chartres take about an hour (€16) from Paris's Montparnasse Station


The drive west from Paris takes about 1:40 to Chartres


Experiences in France

Tours to the Loire Valley from Paris start from €159


Planning for a trip to France

The Tours Val de Loire airport (Photo by Duch.seb)

How to get to the Loire Valley, France, by car, train, and tour


Trains to the Loire Valley take about an hour (€14) from Paris's Montparnasse Station


The drive southwest from Paris takes about 2–3 hours to the Loire Valley


Coaches (buses) to the Loire Valley from Paris start from €5

The Tours Val de Loire airport (Photo by Duch.seb)

You can fly to the Loire Valley from London, Dublin, Porto, Marseille, and Marrakech

Useful French phrases

Useful French for rail travel

English (anglais) French (français)  Pro-nun-cee-YAY-shun
Where is? Où est? ou eh
...train station la gare lah gar
train train traah
ticket un billet uhn bee-YAY
ticket counter les guichet lay ghee-SHAY
departures within the hour départs dans l'heure day-PAR dohn luhr
local departures départs banlieue day-PAR bahn-LYOO
long-distance departures départs grandes lignes day-PAR grahnd leenyh
departure time heure de départ uhr de day-PAR
arrival time heure d'arrivée urh dar-ree-YAV
first class première classe pruh-mee-YAIR klahs
second class seconde classe say-COHN-duh klahs
one way ticket un billet simple uhn bee-YAY SAHM-pluh
round trip (return) ticket un billet aller-retour uhn bee-YAY ah-LAY RAY-tour
I would like to reserve a seat Je voudrais réserver une place dzuh voo-DRAY RAY-sair-vay ooun plahs
I have a Eurailpass J'ai Eurailpass dzay ao-rail-PAHS
sleeping couchette une couchette ooun koo-SHET
berth in a sleeping car une place en voiture-lit ooune plahs uhn vwa-TOUR-lee
track voie
car / carriage voiture vwa-TOUR
punch your ticket composter de billet cohm-poh-STAY de bee-YAY
departures le départ luh day-PAR
arrivals l’arrivée lah-ree-VAY
connection correspondance ko-ray-spon-DOHNZ
coming from en provenance de un pro-veh-NONS de
going to a destination de ah des-tee-nah-tzee-YOWN de
Is this the right platform for the Paris train? Est-ce que c’est le quai pour le train de Paris? es kuh say le kay poo-rh leh traah de pah-REE
delayed en retard hn ruh-TAR
information information een-for-mah-tzee-YOHN
left luggage consigne cone-sah-NYEH
exit sortie sohr-TEE

Useful French for air travel

English (anglais) French (français)   Pro-nun-cee-YAY-shun
Where is... Où est? ou eh
...the airport l'aéroport lair-oh-POR
the airplane l'avion lah-vee-YOHn
terminal terminal tehr-me-NAHL
flight vol vohl
gate porte pohrt
customs douane do-AHN
to the right à droite ah dwa-t
to the left à gauche ah go-sh
straight ahead tout droit too dwa
departures hall Hall de départ ahl de day-PAR
arrivals hall Hall d’arrivée ahl da-ree-VAY
exit sortie sohr-TEE
delayed en retard hn ruh-TAR
on time à l’heure ah LOUR
early en avance hn ah-VAHNS
check-in l’enregistrement lun-rej-ee-stray-MUN
immigration l'immigration lim-ee-grah-SYON
security check le contrôle de sécurité luh kon-TROLL de say-cure-ee-TAY
shuttle la navette lah na-VET
boarding pass une carte d’embarquement ooun kart dem-bark-eh-MUHn
baggage claim la livraison des bagages la lee-vray-SOHn day bah-GA-j
carry-on luggage les bagages à main lay bah-GA-j ah meh
checked luggage les bagages enregistrés lay bah-GA-j on-ray-jee-STRAY

Useful French for car travel

English (anglais) French (français)  Pro-nun-cee-YAY-shun
car une voiture
une auto
ouhn vwa-TOUR
ouhn ow-TOH
scooter/motorboke une moto ouhn mo-TOH
gas station station-service stah-see-YOHN sair-VEES
gas de l'essence deh lay-SAWNS
diesel le gasolio
le gazole
leh gah-SOL-lyo
luh gag-ZOHL
Fill it up, please faire le plein, s'il vous plaît fair le plahn seel voo play
Where is... Où est? ou eh
...the highway l'autoroute lao-toh-ROOT
...the road la route lah root
...the street la rue lah roo
...the road for Paris
la route de Paris
lah root de pah-REE
to the right à droite ah dwa-t
to the left à gauche ah go-sh
keep going straight tout droit too dwa
to cross traverser trah-vair-SAY
toll un péage uhn PAY-ahj
parking stationner stah-see-yo-NAIR
road map carte routière kahrt roo-tee-YAIR
roundabout rond point rohn pwea
junction carrefour cah-ruh-FOUr

Typical road signs

English (anglais) French (français) 
Speed limit Limit de vitesse
Slow down Ralentissez
Stop Arrêt
Exit  Sortie
Give way Cedez le passage
Give way to traffic coming from the left/right Priorité à gauche / à droit
No passing Interdiction de doubler/dépasser
One-way Sens-unique
No entry Sens interdit
Road closed Route barrée
Detour Déviation
Risk of ice Verglas
Dead-end Impasse
Speed camera Radar de vitesse
Pedestrian crossing Passage piéton
Parking prohibited Stationnement interdit
Pedestrian zone Zone piétonnne

Basic phrases in French

English (anglais) French (français) pro-nun-see-YAY-shun
thank you merci mair-SEE
please s'il vous plaît seel-vou-PLAY
yes oui wee
no non no
Do you speak English? Parlez-vous anglais? par-lay-VOU on-GLAY
I don't understand Je ne comprende pas zhuh nuh COHM-prohnd pah
I'm sorry Je suis desolée zhuh swee day-zoh-LAY
How much does it cost? Combien coute? coam-bee-YEHN koot
That's too much C'est trop say troh
Good day Bonjour bohn-SZOURH
Good evening Bon soir bohn SWAH
Good night Bon nuit  bohn NWEE
Goodbye Au revoir oh-ruh-VWAH
Excuse me (to get attention) Excusez-moi eh-skooze-ay-MWA
Excuse me (to get past someone) Pardon pah-rRDOHN
Where is? Où est? ou eh
...the bathroom la toilette lah twah-LET
...train station la gare lah gahr

Days, months, and other calendar items in French

English (anglais) French (français) Pro-nun-cee-YAY-shun
When is it open? Quand est-il ouvert? coan eh-TEEL oo-VAIR
When does it close? Quand est l'heure de fermeture?   coan eh lure duh fair-mah-TOUR
At what time... à quelle heure... ah kell uhre
Yesterday hier ee-AIR
Today aujoud'hui ow-zhuhr-DWEE
Tomorrow demain duh-MEHN
Day after tomorrow après demain ah-PRAY duh-MEHN
a day un jour ooun zhuhr
Monday Lundí luhn-DEE
Tuesday Maredí mar-DEE
Wednesday Mercredi mair-cray-DEE
Thursday Jeudi zhuh-DEE
Friday Vendredi vawn-druh-DEE
Saturday Samedi saam-DEE
Sunday Dimanche DEE-maansh
a month un mois ooun mwa
January janvier zhan-vee-YAIR
February février feh-vree-YAIR
March mars mahr
April avril ah-VREEL
May mai may
June juin zhuh-WAH
July juillet zhuh-LYAY
August août ah-WOOT
September septembre sep-TUHM-bruh
October octobre ok-TOE-bruh
November novembre noh-VAUM-bruh
December décembre day-SAHM-bruh

Numbers in French

English (anglais) French (français) Pro-nun-cee-YAY-shun
1 un ehn
2 deux douh
3 trois twa
4 quatre KAH-truh
5 cinq sank
6 six sees
7 sept sehp
8 huit hwhee
9 neuf nuhf
10 dix dees
11 onze ownz
12 douze dooz
13 treize trehz
14 quatorze kah-TOHRZ
15 quinze cans
16 seize sez
17 dix-sept dee-SEP
18 dix-huit dee-SWEE
19 dix-neuf dee-SNEUHF
20 vingt vahn
21* vingt et un * vahnt eh UHN
22* vingt deux * vahn douh
23* vingt trois * vahn twa
30 trente truhnt
40 quarante kah-RAHNT
50 cinquante sahn-KAHNT
60 soixante swaa-SAHNT
70 soixante-dix swa-sahnt-DEES
80 quatre-vents  kat-tra-VAHN
90 quatre-vents-dix  kat-tra-vanht-DEES
100 cent sant
1,000 mille meel
5,000 cinq mille sank meel
10,000 dix mille dees meel

* You can form any number between 20 and 99 just like the examples for 21, 22, and 23. For x2–x9, just say the tens-place number (trente for 30, quarante for 40, etc.), then the ones-place number (35 is trente cinq; 66 is soixsante six). The only excpetion is for 21, 31, 41, etc. For x1, say the tens-place number followed by " un" (trente et un, quarante et un, etc.).

‡ Yes, the French count very strangely once they get past 69. Rather than some version of "seventy,' they instead say "sixy-ten" (followed by "sixty-eleven," "sixty-twelve,' etc. up to "sixty-nineteen.") And then, just to keep things interesting, they chenge it up again and, for 80, say 'four twenties"—which always make me thinks of blackbirds baked in a pie for some reason. Ninety becomes "four-twenties-ten" and so on up to "four-nineties-ninteen" for 99, which is quite a mouthful: quartre-vingts-dix-neuf.