France experiences

French activities, tours, classes, and other experiences to move your vacation beyond sightseeing

A private guide can bring the art, history, and city alive (Photo courtesy of Context Travel)

Microtours in France—Guided walks, bus tours, museum tours, private guides, escorted sidetrips, and more

The Tour du Mont Blanc hiking path (Photo by akunamatata)

Guided walks, hikes, and treks in France

View of Lac du Bourget and Mont du Chat from part way up Grand Colombier (Photo by will cyclist)

Biking in France and cycling tours of the countryside

Cruising past Avignon (Photo courtesy of Scenic Cruises)

Cruising the Rhine, Rhone, Seine, Loire, and other rivers of France

Barging along the Saone River in Burgundy (Photo courtesy of

Barge cruises and barge rentals to cruise the rivers, canals, and inland waterways of France

Sailing the Gulf of St. Tropez in the French Riviera (Photo by mhobl)

Sailing the coast and islands of France

 (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

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