Itinerary basics and tips

All about the itineraries: How they work, how to schedule your days, when to book things, tips, hints, and foolish assumptions we have made

Put reminders on your calendar to keep the trip-planning moving smoothly (Photo by Unknown)

Everything you need to do (and when to do it) when planning your trip

Sometimes it's best to toss away the plans and just wing it (Photo by unknown)

Make a plan, but do not stick to it slavishly

 (Photo by Andrew Filer)

A few basic assumptions that help these itineraries fit most (but certainly not all) needs and styles

There are actually nine days in a travel week (Photo by SquiffyEye)

A "week" in travel time actually last longer than 7 days


A surefire method to make sure you get to see and do everything on your list

 (Photo Public Domain)

What makes patented "Perfect Itineraries" different from others

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