Skype while traveling

Skype is the cheapest way to make international calls (Photo by Skype)
Skype is the cheapest way to make international calls

Use Skype (and an internet connection) to make and receive free voice and video calls—or have your friends and family Skype your cell in France for 10¢ per minute or $1–$2 per month.

No matter if you rent a cellphone, buy a world phone, or carry your own phone, convince your friends and family to save a bundle by not calling you on it but rather by Skyping you.

Just have friends and family back home call you on your new phone using Skype. 

The plans that would cover France are:

  • Standard Skype credit: 2.3¢ per minute to landlines, 8¢ to cellphones in France
  • France plan: $6.99 per month for 400 minutes (landline or mobile)
  • Worldwide unlimited plan: $13.99 per month to 63 countries (landline or mobile)

Even better, connect to the internet via an international roaming plan—or, preferably and more cheaply, the hotel's or public WiFi—and use Skype yourself to make free Skype-to-Skype calls—even video calls for free.

Sure, the voice quality is not pristine. It usually sounds a bit digitally compressed, and sometimes you get a pop or skip—but since it is free (or practically so), who's complaining?