Travel concerns & safety

From emergency numbers and hospitals to pickpockets and general safety issues

Be smart. Don't leave your bag on the bar; some places have purse hooks (just be sure you keep it between your knees as you sit, and take it with you when you use the bathroom) (Photo collage by Reid Bramblett, using images from David Mezzo and Kimmy T.)

Advice and resources for women, gays, minorities, and the disabled traveling in France

 (Photo by Viewminder)

A traveler's guide to safety in France: Pickpockets, scams, terrorism, and more

In any emergency, dial 112 (Photo by unknown)

Emergency numbers for police, fire, and other safety issues in 112

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How to lose things—passports, credit cards, and other important items—while traveling and not have it ruin your vacation

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Staying healthy on the road: French hospitals, pharmacies, and travel health insurance

Shop for travel insurance with a comparison site like InsureMyTrip or SmartMouth (Photo courtesy of

Travel on the safe side with trip insurance: when to buy it, what it does and does not cover, and where to get it