Travel concerns & safety

From emergency numbers and hospitals to pickpockets and general safety issues

LGBT demonstration at place de la Republique (Photo © Paris Tourist Office)

Advice and resources for women, gays, minorities, and the disabled traveling in France

Only use a bank ATM (or official exchange bureau at worst). This place doesn't look very legit to me. (Photo by Anna Hanks)

A traveler's guide to safety in France: Pickpockets, scams, terrorism, and more

In any emergency, dial 112 (Photo by unknown)

Emergency numbers for police, fire, and other safety issues in 112

 (Photo )

How to lose things—passports, credit cards, and other important items—while traveling and not have it ruin your vacation

 (Photo )

Staying healthy on the road: French hospitals, pharmacies, and travel health insurance

Shop for travel insurance with a comparison site like InsureMyTrip or SmartMouth (Photo courtesy of

Travel on the safe side with trip insurance: when to buy it, what it does and does not cover, and where to get it