Travel info (Photo by Bobafred)
Travel info

Tourist information, guidebooks, maps, tips for niche groups (students, LGBT, seniors, disabled, etc.), and more in France

Tourism information centers (Photo by Unknown)

Visitor information for France

Michelin has been publishing travel guidebooks to France since 1900 (Photo )

Everything you always wanted to know about travel guidebooks by a professional travel writer who spent two decades writing them

Global time zones (the red lines divide them) (Photo from CIA World Factbook)

Time zones in France and dealing with the 24-hour clock

 (Photo )

The interactive maps on

 (Photo )

Advice, resources, & tours for women, LGBT travelers, the disabled, seniors, pilgrims, families, and students in France


More on Visas and paperwork

 (Photo by Zhanyanguange (Duty Free))

The difference between customs, TVA/VAT taxes, and duty-free shopping

 (Photo )

Do I need to buy travel health insurance for a trip to France? What about emergency medical evacuation?

VAT is the built-in national sales tax in France (Photo altered from Images Money)

Taxes in France and how you may be able to get some of that 20% TVA (VAT) refunded

A U.S. Customs form (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

What you can and cannot bring home with you from your travels

U.S. Passports (Photo by Craig James)

The global ID card—and, technically, the only thing absolutely required for travel abroad

The backup info sheet (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

The sheet of backup information is the message in a bottle you send to yourself in case you get into trouble and lose all your important travel documents

Passport stamps are actually temporary tourist visas (Photo by Elliott Scott)

Visitors from most developed nations will receive an automatic tourist visa upon entering France

Embassies & consulates (Photo unknown)

Embassies and consulates in France

Shop for travel insurance with a comparison site like InsureMyTrip or SmartMouth (Photo courtesy of

Travel on the safe side with trip insurance: when to buy it, what it does and does not cover, and where to get it

The U.S. Embassy in Paris (Photo by Krokodyl)

How to contact your home consulate in Paris if you need citizen services (like a new passport application)


More on Travel seasons

 (Photo clockwise from top left: "Spring" courtesy of French Moments; "Summer" courtesy of Armand69; "Winter" courtesy of Dreamstime; "Autumn" courtesy of TheWorldExplored)

When it is high, low, and shoulder season in France?