What time is it in France?

Global time zones (the red lines divide them) (Photo from CIA World Factbook)
Global time zones (the red lines divide them)

Time zones in France and dealing with the 24-hour clock

  • France is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time 
  • France is 7 hours ahead of Central Standard Time
  • France is 8 hours ahead of Mountain Standard Time
  • France is 9 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time

That means when it's 1pm in New York and 10am in San Francisco, it's 7pm in Paris (Or, rather, it's 19:00 in Paris. » More on 24-hour time

What about the rest of Europe?

Most of the rest of Continental Western Europe is in the same time zone as France.

The U.K. (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), Ireland, Portugal, and Iceland, are all on GMT, which is one hour before Continental time, so when it is noon in Paris it is still 11am in London, Dublin, and Lisbon.

Greece, the easterly parts of Eastern Europe, and Finland are are all one hours ahead of France.

The Daylight Savings Time wrinkle

Since, confoundingly, every country has its own date when daylight savings time kicks in, there are often brief periods when these differences can shift by an hour either direction.