Money & shopping

From credit cards, cash, and ATMS to VAT refunds, travelers checks, and customs limits in France

Save money on your France vacation (Photo by 401(K) 2012)

Top traveler tips for dealing with money and shopping in France

Credit Cards (Photo by Frankieleon)

Using credit cards in France

Parisian ATMs (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

Using debit cards to get cash at an ATM (point d’argent) in France

Europe's colorful common currency, the Euro (Photo by José Luis Sánchez Mesa)

The French unit of currency is the euro (€)

Changing money (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

How to exchange your dollars for euros at the best rates (and lowest fees) possible

Credit unions, online banks, and local banks are almost always better than major banks (Photo collage by Reid Bramblett; logos courtesy of the respective business)

Use a credit union, online bank, local bank, or no-fee/low-fee credit card to keep foreign transaction fees (and all other bank fees) to a minimum

 (Photo by Zhanyanguange)

A guide to French retail therapy: shopping, VAT, haggling, customs, and souvenir-buying in France

American Express traveler's cheques in a variety of currencies (Photo )

Why traveler's cheques can sometimes still matter (as a way to carry emergency backup cash) in the age of ATMs and computerized banking

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