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Not my gear, but pretty close to what I pack (save the helmet) (Photo by cmor15)
Not my gear, but pretty close to what I pack (save the helmet)

From travel speciality clothes and gear to bags and currency converters

Here precisely what you'll need to travel so you can pack your entire world into one bag (and a moneybelt for your valuables) and have twice as much fun on the road as people who brought four times as much stuff (and too many electronic devices).

How to pack everything you need for a French vacation into a carry-on sized bag

Different kinds of moneybelts (Photo collage by Reid Bramblett; images courtesy of vendors)

This wearable safe for keeping your passport, credit cards, and spare cash secure is the one indispensable accessory every traveler loves to hate

Luggage (Photo created by Reid Bramblett)

How to travel with a carry-on-sized bag as your only piece of luggage—and still have room for souvenirs

Everyone's packing electronics these days (though this is excessive) (Photo by Yuli Chua)

In a perfect world, you'd travel without any electronics, but...

Do not overpack! (Photo )

Assorted packing and luggage hints and hacks

No one ever says "I wish I'd packed heavier!" (Photo by Unknown)

A traveler's guide to learning how to pack light and love it—or, how to fit everything you need for a six month trip into a single, carry-on sized bag

Stuff sacks for packing (Photo courtesy of REI)

The traveling closet: Packing techniques to keep clothing wrinkles to a minimum

How I get 39 pockets: KüHL Airspeed Shirt (4), SCOTTeVEST jacket (26), REI Adventures pants (6). Not shown: belt (1), moneybelt (2) (Photo Graphic by Reid Bramblett from images provided by SCOTTeVEST, REI, and Kühl)

A semi-philosophical discourse on just why specialty travel clothes, luggage, gear, and gadgets can make travel easier, more comfortable, and less stressful all around—plus, you get just a smidgen of that James Bond feeling, what with all the hidden pockets and such

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