Paperwork, passports, & travel bureaucracy

Transportation options to and within France, Transport, General (Photo icons courtesy of AIGA; illustration by Reid Bramblett)
Transportation options to and within France, Transport, General

All those boring but necessary travel details: passports, entry visas, trip insurance, health insurance, customs regulations, and all the other super-fun pre-trip preparations

The trip is planned, and you're raring to go... but wasn't there something else to do?

Ah yes. The bureaucracy. The passports, visas, customs regulations, student IDs, and health and trip insurance.

Unexciting as these things are, they're an integral part of getting ready for a trip—and some of the first things to take care of, even before you buy a plane ticket (after all, it can take up to 10 weeks to get a passport).

This section will try to make handling these details as easy and painless as possible.

Major travel paperwork concerns

The backup info sheet (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

The sheet of backup information is the message in a bottle you send to yourself in case you get into trouble and lose all your important travel documents

Embassies & consulates (Photo unknown)

Embassies and consulates in France

U.S. Passports (Photo by Craig James)

The global ID card—and, technically, the only thing absolutely required for travel abroad

Passport stamps are actually temporary tourist visas (Photo by Elliott Scott)

Visitors from most developed nations will receive an automatic tourist visa upon entering France