Les Bouquinistes de Paris ☆☆

 (Photo by Jebulon)

The outdoor book stalls along the Seine in Paris

The walls along the Seine are lined by large wooden boxes neatly arrayed with books and printed matter of all sorts—much of it antique, most of it interesting, and almost all of it in French.

True bibliophiles can't resist at least pawing over it all with their eyes, and even if you can't speak a lick of French, there are plenty of lovely old prints, maps, and posters on offer as well.

The first "modern" bouquiniste stall opened in 1891 (pamphleteers have hawked their wares by the Seine since at least the 1500s).

There are more than 200 forest green stalls spread along the quais of the Seine: mostly Left Bank (from the quai de la Tournelle to quai Malaquais), with with some on the Right Bank as well (from pont Marie bridge to the quai du Louvre).

Note: Not to be confused with Guy Savoy's famous baby bistro nearby, which he named Les Bouquinistes after these stalls.

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