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 (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

Why visit Paris?

A forest in the city (Photo by Yann Caradec)

Free things to see and do in Paris

Au Lapin Agile (Photo by Shadowgate)

Classic sights and experiences that just scream "You're in Paris now!"

The interior of the Petit Palais (Photo by François de Dijon)

My favorite things to see and do—and places to sleep and eat—in Paris

My mother and wife at a Parisian park bench picnic (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

What do do in Paris that will make the whole family happy—Sights, experiences, restaurants, tours, and more

Just the start of the list of museums that are free on the first Sunday of each month (Photo courtesy of the Paris Tourism Office)

Free on the first Sunday of the month

Impression, sol levant (Impression, Sunrise) (1872) by Claude Monet—the painting that inadvertently lent its name to the artistic movement of Impressionism (Photo Public Domain)

Just who are these "Impressionists" anyway?

This house in Normandy was looking for someone to watch the chickens and pet sheep for a couple of weeks (Photo courtesy of

Free things to see and do in France

Portrait of Jean-Antoine Watteau (1721) by Rosalba Carriera, in the Museo Civico Luigi Bailo, Treviso (Photo courtesy of the Museo Civico Luigi Bailo)

Art and architecture in France

Portrait of Louis XIII (after 1760) by Philippe de Champaigne (Photo Public Domain)

From the Gauls to De Gaulle, a brief primer on French history

Most of us have stared at a handy miles-to-kilometers converter right under our noses on our car dashboards (Photo by Unknown)

The mysteries of the metric system

 (Photo by Neville Nel)

Wine in France